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Compete at the Highest Level

Monthly programs are designed for golfers competing at the junior, high school, and college level who want to play their best. Plans include weekly instruction, on-course playing lessons, and targeted practice plans to maximize performance.

Monthly Plan Options

Monthly plans use lessons at a high frequency and are discounted compared to regular lesson pricing. Availability is limited, and participants must complete a basic interview process before being accepted.

To learn more about pricing details, or to start the initial process, please fill out the form below:

Which monthly plan example most interests you?

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1-on-1 Instruction:   Up to 4 hours

On-Course Playing Lesson:   1  (9-holes)

Total Instruction: Up to 7 hours


1-on-1 Instruction:   Up to 8 hours

On-Course Playing Lesson:   1 per month (9-holes)

Total Instruction:  Up to 11 hours


1-on-1 Instruction:   Up to 12 Hours

On-Course Playing Lesson:   1 per month (9-holes)

Total Instruction: Up to 15 hours


1-on-1 Instruction:   Up to 16 Hours

On-Course Playing Lesson:   2 per month (9-holes)

Total Instruction: Up to 22 hours

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